Ashley Marie Photography | About

Hey ya'll!

I'm so glad you've ended up on my website!


So,  I'm just going to give you my whole backstory and my life story! I'm sorry, I ramble A LOT.

I'm an ex Coast Guard brat living in the Southwest after spending the majority of my childhood in greenier, colder areas of the United States. I've lived in New Jersey, Oregon, California, Washington, Michigan and now currently spend my days in Texas (and New Mexico). I've always felt that growing up all over the US has played a huge impact in my work today. I'm obsessed with finding the beauty in the desert and I'm a pro at finding green in the driest of environments. I LOVE color in my photos, and I'm obsessed with vibrant deep colors.


So, here I am, in Lubbock, TX with my amazing high school sweetheart of seven years,  my three dogs, two cats and our eight chickens (Bernadette, Astrid, Wednesday, Jewels, Cocoa, Cordelia, Red + Helena). When I'm not traveling to New Mexico or further South Texas for sessions and weddings or editing my days away surrounded by way too much animal fur and coffee, we're hiking, exploring, camping and dreaming. Or I'm stalking the internet for dresses I don't need. We're also always eating food. Like a lot of it. Don't judge me.


The best to get to know more about me is through photos, because (duh) I love taking them. Check out my personal Instagram @ashleymarie.sw which is just a bunch of lovey dovey photos, animals, food and my obsession with dresses!